PRactical and Actionable Health Hacks For Busy Women On The Go!

                       Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp is a Natural Health Practitioner, a business owner, an international lecturer and the author of the book Hack Your Health Habits: Simple, Action Drive, Natural Solutions for People On The Go!  
Many women FINd it hard to balance their work and home life, not realizing the impact that work stresses are having on their body.
Prioritizing health can make a world of difference in a woman's life. 

Though there may not seem like enough time in a day, Dr. Nathalie is here to share quick, easy and safe ways women can start taking control of their health.

With a fresh and vibrant perspective, Dr. Nathalie addresses the challenges many working women face today and provides audiences with science-based, no-nonsense advice. Learn from a real business woman who practices what she preaches when it comes to health!

When you feel great, you are more productive and ready to meet whatever comes your way–at home or at work.
  • Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Today
  • ​Safekeeping Your Personal Prime Time
  • ​Fit Mind and Body in 20 Minutes a Day
  • ​Want to Get More Done? Get More Sleep!
Simple, Practical and Actionable and Fun. Health Hacks For Busy Women On The Go! 
You can look forward to Dr. Nathalie demystifying the overwhelming amount of health information in our world today, distilling it into easily understandable bite-sized chunks that audiences can manage, and have fun doing so!
Key Takeaways Include: 
  • Create your own “Health Hacker” Health Blueprint
  • ​Mindfulness Exercises For More Mental Clarity and Focus
  • ​Learn the Hack Your Health Habits Process For More Effective Results
  • ​Adrenal Fatigue Assessment and Sleep Hygiene Tips
  • ​7-Day Body-Weight Exercise Challenge
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Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp is an Ottawa based natural and holistic health care practitioner, a public speaker and a TV and radio personality. 

She released her new health and wellness book called Hack Your Health Habits—Simple Action-Driven, Natural Health Solutions for People On the Go! in October of 2018, an Amazon #1 Best Seller in Alternative Medicine.

Her mission is to empower people all over the globe to take control of their health and lead happy and productive lives.
"The testimonial should be of a woman: “Being a small business owner can make it challenging to juggle it all when it comes to taking care of my health and the health of my family. Dr. Nathalie’s talk gives you simple tools and strategies for women on the go to succeed in business and life!”
– Caroline P.
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