5 Health Hacks YouR AUDIENCE IS Most Likely Missing Out On!

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp is a Natural Health Practitioner, an international lecturer, Radio/TV personality and the author of the book Hack Your Health Habits: Simple, Action Drive, Natural Solutions for People On The Go!
Author of Hack Your Health Habits Shares the answers to the health questions your listeners wonder on a daily basis...
1.    Are You Setting The Stage For Your Day And Making Time For Your Morning Personal Prime Time?
2.   Is Eating Good Fats and Cutting Sugar The Best Way to Lose Fat And Feel Better?
3.   Is Lack Of Sleep And Adrenal Fatigue Affecting Your Productivity?
4.  Why Do You Have To Keep Your Gut Bugs Happy To Stay Healthy?
5.   Do You Really Need To Enter The World Of Intermittent Fasting or Is It Just A Trend?
As a natural and holistic health care practitioner, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for health. Everybody is different. She's helped countless people hack their health and is confident that she can help your audience do the same.
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  • National TV & radio segments and satellite TV 
  • Numerous articles and publications
  • ​Weekly podcast and show called the What the Hack?! Podcast 
  • K​eynote speaker at events and organizations across North American
Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp is an Ottawa based natural and holistic health care practitioner, a public speaker and a TV and radio personality. 

She released her new health and wellness book called Hack Your Health Habits—Simple Action-Driven, Natural Health Solutions for People On the Go! in October of 2018, an Amazon #1 Best Seller in Alternative Medicine.

Her mission is to empower people all over the globe to take control of their health and lead happy and productive lives.
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