Become a Champion of Children 
Join me now and let's give back together.

As a Chiropractor and a Doctor of Functional Medicine, I have spent my whole adult life helping my patients deal with their health problems. 

I’ve also written books and developed on-line programs to simplify health issues for people and provide them with the necessary guidance to help them improve their health.

“If you are not making a difference in other people’s lives, you should not be in business - it’s that simple.” 
- Sir Richard Branson

But this has not been enough. I want to give back! I want to do more!

That’s why I have collaborated with a health company that has social giving as its main focus. So you could say, I’m also a social entrepreneur with an even greater purpose in my life.
Social entrepreneurship addresses a social, cultural or environmental issue, by using a direct and immediate business approach to giving back.

Today, I give back by addressing a major social and global issue: childhood malnutrition.

Do you know that malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children today? Over 6 million children die annually from this deficiency.  

Through the ‘buy 1, nourish 2” business approach, I am not only helping address my patients with their own nutrition and health issues, but I am also making an impact in the fight against childhood malnutrition! 

Currently, I am proud to say that this program has fed over 16 million children worldwide. To those children, the impact on their lives has been profound.  

We are social beings and helping others is part of our DNA. So the impact on us is profound too, knowing that we are helping these children survive. We are filled with gratitude and pride in making such a significant contribution.

Collaborate with me and be a part of this amazing program. Learn how you can become a social entrepreneur and join me today in this worthwhile cause.
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