Is it time to have your very own Health Webinar for your patients to engage them and show up as a leader in your community?

introducing the Done-For-You Webinar And Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Affiliate Program for Your Patients
Are you looking for ways to engage and nurture your patients online by providing them information on what they can do to stay healthy?  
Are you struggling with showing up online right now, not knowing how to produce content without addressing the elephant in the room?
Are you worried about missing a huge opportunity to offer support to your community but simply don’t have the time and resources to create extensive content? 

Are you providing your patients with valuable health information outside of the clinic? 

As they say, any obstacle, challenge or adversity carries with it a seed of equal opportunity. If anything has been certain during these crazy times, it is the importance of showing up as leaders for our patients to provide guidance on supporting their bodies, making healthy lifestyle changes and creating better health habits. 

As natural health care practitioners, we know that if people follow a healthy lifestyle—sleep, movement, nutrient-dense foods, exercise, the right mindset and of course chiropractic care—they decrease their chances of being affected by not only pathogens but also chronic “lifestyle” diseases. 

People are looking for guidance and for real, sustainable solutions to improve their health more than ever. And better yet, they’re searching and looking to consume that information online. What better time to connect with them, and help them bring the focus back to themselves, their habits and their health goals than now?

But I get it—writing a book, creating content for a presentation, developing an online program and all the marketing efforts that are needed to go with it can be time-consuming and let’s face it, a bit overwhelming. Also, with everything currently going on, you need to focus on what you do best: sharing your message whilst being cognizant of what is happening in the world right now.
This is why I’ve created the Co-Hosted Webinar And Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Affiliate Program, a done-for-you affiliate program launch where we co-host a webinar for your audience with the offer of upgrading to my Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Program. 
This 5-module online program is self-paced, on-demand and guides attendees through the basic pillars of healthy habit change using a functional medicine approach. Each Mastery Program sale that comes from your audience after the webinar will result in a 40% commission to you. 

And need not to worry about being too salesy, the webinar is 95% value and content and only 5% focusing on the sale of the program and the solutions it provides them. The beauty of this method of content sharing as opposed to live streams on social media platforms is that your content is gaited within the walls of a webinar, only accessible to those who sign up and are genuinely interested. What does this mean for you? It means your message is “safe” from keyboard warriors and potential trolls who are looking for controversy. With the Co-Hosted Webinar And Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Affiliate Program you can feel confident knowing you’re sharing your message amongst those who can really benefit!

The best part is, my team and I will manage everything. 

This is a strategic partnership designed to have you as hands-off as possible. You just show up with your portion of the presentation and off we go! Included in this offer are:
  • A case of Hack Your Health Habits Books (16 books) to sell to your patients
  • Custom branded registration and thank you pages to sign up for the Webinar: The Top 3 Strategies You Can Implement Now for Better Health (a general enough and safe title)
  • 2 custom promotional email templates to send to your list 
  • ​Webinar reminder emails and available replay link 
  • ​Branded social media posts to promote the webinar on your social media platforms
  • ​Access to sign up and attendee stats for review 
  • ​40% of the sales of the Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Program
For all of the above, your investment is ONLY the price of the case of books plus shipping! 
That’s right, your investment for all the materials is $397 USD.

There has really never been an easier way to show up and serve as an authority and provide your audience with the value they’re hungrily looking for, for a fraction of the price it would cost to create everything included. 

If you’ve been looking for ways to pivot your content and offers online and leverage your time outside of the office to help your patients focus on creating healthier lifestyles, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

I look forward to being your co-host and sharing our natural health message! #HealthHackerTribe, 
Dr. Nathalie 

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE Co-Hosted Webinar And Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Affiliate Program

"My patients really enjoyed both Dr. Nathalie's book, Hack Your Health Habits, and the Webinar we co-hosted together, The Top 3 Strategies You Can Implement Now for Better Health. It is so nice to join forces with and leverage a fellow colleague to help educate my patients on simple ways they can improve their health, with the chiropractic message integrated throughout the presentation. 

Nathalie did everything from setting up, promoting and running the webinar. She used her webinar platform to host, provided me with the registration link to send to my patients with the email scripts, sent the webinar reminders and replay links, crafted the content of the presentation, gave us branded promotional webinar graphics for our social media and a case of books that we could sell at the clinic—which made this experience head-ache free and seamless. 

I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their patients engaged and educated on overall health and to position themselves as an authority figure in their community, yet may lack the resources to do the legwork and preparation themselves. It was a fun and valuable experience, and my patients look forward to devouring the contents of her book!"

                                                                                                – Dr. Carole Ouellette

About Dr. Nathalie

Meet Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, B.Sc., D.C., IFMCP, chiropractor, wellness consultant, speaker, author of multiple books, and radio & TV personality based in Ottawa. With over 25 years of experience as a practicing chiropractor and a deep understanding of the health industry, she has become an expert in helping other chiropractors enhance their credibility, brand, and community leadership.

Dr. Nathalie's success in growing her own practice has led her to develop proven strategies that she now shares with other chiropractors. She offers a range of Done-For-You programs that make marketing fun and engaging, while also providing effective tools for patient retention. Her programs are designed to help chiropractors grow their practice, attract more patients, and increase visibility.

Whether you're looking to develop an online revenue generator, expand your reach and impact, or position yourself as a trusted authority in your community, Dr. Nathalie has the expertise, experience, and programs to help you achieve your goals. With her guidance, chiropractors can infuse their practice with marketing strategies that work and become true health leaders in their communities.

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